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How To Get A Trump Gag Gift For A Democrat Or Republican

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Regardless of whether your friend loves or hates Trump, he is a colorful figure that is the perfect target for mockery. But getting a Trump gag gift can be a sensitive subject when your friend might be a fan of Trump, and even more so if he or she hates him. There are a couple things you will want to consider when getting a gift.

Be Careful With Caricatures

Does the gift include a caricature of Trump? If so, does the caricature portray Trump in a negative light or does it simply exaggerate his features? If the caricature makes him look like a fool, a pro-Trump friend might not appreciate it.

Laugh At The Hair

Trump's hair is often a source of ridicule even among those who support him. Therefore, any gag gift that pokes fun at his hair might still be well-received by a republican friend who has a sense of humor. 

Poke Fun At The Fans

Those who hate Trump might be fond of a Trump pin cushion. It'll be satisfying to poke Trump with pins when you don't need them at the moment. Another way to take your frustrations out on Trump is to get a Trump pinata. It is easy to find a variety of pinatas because their sales have been booming. 

Gag gifts do not have to make fun of only Trump, but they can also make fun of his fans. For example, it'd be hilarious to wear a button that reads "I got punched at a Trump rally." Actual fans of Trump may not like it because they might want to downplay some of the incidents that have occurred at rallies. 

Poke Fun At The Wall

One of the things that Trump is the most well-known for is how he plans to build a wall. There are many birthday cards that poke fun at this by having Trump build walls around other things that are considered dangerous, such as a birthday cake that has gotten out of control. 

Scare Him Or Her

If you have a democratic friend (or maybe even a Republican one) who is terrified at the idea of Trump becoming president, get him or her a jar with Trump's staring, pickled head. But regardless of your friend's political orientation, what matters is if you think about what you know about your friend when predicting whether the gift will go over well.

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